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IT Consulting

Extracting business value from IT infrastructure assets

We have proven expertise in helping organizations transform their IT infrastructure by aligning business objectives and maximizing value on investments. Our infrastructure consulting services include:

IT Strategic Planning

Like any significant investment, you need to show how your investment in IT yields results for your business.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Are you able to operate without your IT systems? If not, you probably need a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Network Engineering

Networks connect you with your customers and suppliers and are a key component of a robust and reliable IT infrastructure.

Virtualization & Cloud computing

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have rooms full of computers to have a fully capable IT infrastructure.

Data Center Design

In house, 3rd party, or virtualized data centers are all viable data center strategies. Let us help you decide what is right for you.

Large scale deployments

The little details often make or break large scale deployments. Let us help you plan and execute your big deployment.

Your business process is probably one of your most valuable business assets. For most businesses, software can help improve your business process in the areas such as speed, accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. When off the shelf software options don’t fit your needs, consider how software written specifically for your business process could benefit you.

Web Development

No longer just for your Internet site, web development technologies provide a very capable and flexible development platform even for your internal systems.

Process Automation

Automating repetitive actions is usually a core function of any software. Software can bridge processes between people, machines, and other systems.


You probably don’t have just one IT system. Getting them all to work together seemlessly can sometimes be a problem. An integration solution is the key.

(Electonic Information Display, Announcement, and Notification System)

Our custom developed information display software can be used to publish nearly any type of information across multiple display systems including LCD and LED signs.

Expertise on demand for your IT projects.

Project Management

While every project has challenges, good project management helps ensure that you keep on track and always know where you stand.

Skills Augmentation

Sometimes you need access to specific skillset that you don’t have on staff. We can often provide access to local or remote resources.

Special Services

We’ve done many other operations support services such as skills inventories, interview scripts, candidate reviews, and transition support.

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